CALIFORNIA PRELIMINARY 20-DAY NOTICE (For use on Private and Public Works) See Civil Code Section 3097 & 3098 CONSTRUCTION LENDER or Reputed Construction Lender, if any (name) (name YOU ARE HEREBY
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Who needs California Preliminary 20-day Notice Form?

A Contractor, Subcontractor, Material Supplier, Equipment Lessor and other parties to a construction project can use a Preliminary 20-Day Notice form to establish their right to file a Mechanics Lien in case their work is not duly paid.

What is California Preliminary 20-day Notice Form for?

As it was mentioned, the Notice is necessary for the contractors, subcontractors, etc. so that they could inform the property owner of their right to file a lien, because they are performing individual work on the project. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the lien will be claimed within the whole working process at all.

Strange as it may seem, this form is aimed to protect the property owner from the distrainment, in the first place.

Is the 20-Day Preliminary Notice Form accompanied by other forms?

None of the supporting documents is mandatory to accompany the 20-Day Preliminary Notice.

When is 20-Day Preliminary Notice Form due?

A Preliminary Notice is necessary to fill out within 20 days since the initial materials supply or furnishing of labor.

How do I fill out California Preliminary 20-day Notice Form?

The information indicated in the Notice must clearly state:

  • Construction Lender
  • Owner (or Public Agency)
  • Original Contractor (or Reputed Contractor)
  • Person or Firm Furnishing the Labor, Services, Equipment or Materials
  • Address of this or firm
  • Description of Services Provided
  • Estimated Total Price
  • Date
  • Proof of Service Affidavit

Where do I send the Preliminary Notice Form?

The completed form should be furnished to the parties involved in the project: Construction Lender, Owner, and Original Contractor. The person or firm filing the Notice should retain one copy of the document, too.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing ca preliminary
Instructions and Help about ca preliminary 20 day notice form

Welcome to the slain council training on understanding and filing preliminary notices private projects are by two sets of rules for private projects where the permit was issued on or before July 31st 2011 preliminary notices are only required if there is a notice of commencement they must be linked to the notice of commencement and they are only filed by subs and suppliers for private projects where the permit is issued on or after August 1st 2011 notices of commencement are not required instead all contractors subcontractors and suppliers must file preliminary notices and the prelims must include tax parcel ID numbers under either set of rules the deadline for a preliminary notice is still 20 days from your first date of work one of the quickest ways to file the notices to use information from a prelim or other notice filed on the same project if you know other contractors who are working on the project you can look up their prelims by clicking on the advanced search button then select the County where the project is located enter the name of the contractor select filer because you are looking for notices that this contractor filed click off the checks next to the building permit commencement and other types of notices you are not looking for then search review your results if you see your project in the list select it by clicking on the entry number review the information and if this is the correct project click the copy to new button select preliminary this will copy the current information to your new preliminary notice review the information add the name and contact information for your customer and then file the preliminary notice to file a preliminary notice on a notice of commencement as required for projects where permits were issued before July 31st 2011 watch the demonstration in the second half of this video about finding notices of commencement and filing preliminary notices for projects beginning after August 1st 2011 if you have all the address tax number owner name and all other information you need for a preliminary notice you can file it by clicking on the preliminary notice button then enter the information in the fields and file your notice for public projects the owner or general must still file a notice of commencement if no notice of commencement is filed then subs and suppliers will have a right to claim on the bond and are not required to file preliminary notices if a notice of commencement is filed subs and suppliers who want to preserve their right to make a claim on the bond must find the notice of commencement and then file their preliminary notice within 20 days after their first date of work in the SCR there are two ways to find a notice of commencement one is to get the scr filing number for the notice of commencement and search using that number the other is to search for the notice using the name of the owner or contractor or address or other information about the project we will first discuss how to search...